Infinite Encyclopedia

Sofia Cordova


Encyclopedia Infinita grew out of my affection for documentary photography. Conceptually borrowing from the likes of August Sander and Douglas Huebler, this project aims for the categorically impossible: to be an encyclopedic catalogue of 'everything.' Its finite scope will be limited by the number of images that I can generate in my lifetime.

The act of categorization is inherently subjective; rigor, after all, is not the same thing as objectivity. By employing the encyclopedic model, the project harnesses that condition and turns it into a cataloguing strategy. Together, these ‘entries’ possess their own logic. In creating an original and complex system of visual data, my encyclopedia works as would any: full of accidental biases and meaningful connections. E.I. seeks to categorize where the edges of my person and the edges of the world meet knowing that imperfection and failure are inherent in the search for an infinite knowledge.


Book designed by Sofia Cordova, Nora Pauwels and John DeMerritt.

Pigment prints on Hahnemuhle Chine Colle Paper. Printed by Sofia Cordova.

The book is bound in white extruded PVC fabric and embossed with 22 karat gold.  Bound by John DeMerritt

Marbled paper based on samples provided by the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco.


Edition of 20 with 3 Artist Proofs.  $850.00

A limited edition group of 4 prints from the book is available in editions of 5. 

$600 each, $2000 for the set of 4.